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Step 1: Login to Admin Panel

1. Open our landing page and click admin panel Button. Avatar Landing Screen

2.Add given login details into login form, opened in a new tab. Admin Login Screen

Step 2: Add new avatar Name

1. Click Avatar Names button Avatar section from left menu.

2. Click add new button.

3. Fill the form and click submit.

4. That’s it, Avatar name is successfully added and you are now ready to add sections and sound files in this Avatar.

Step 3: Add new avatar sections

1. Click Manage Avatar button from left menu.

2. Select avatar name from drop down to manage avatar files and sections..

2. Click on Add Avatar Section button.

3. Add section name and click submit.

4. That’s it, section for avatar sound files in creates successfully.

Step 4.1: Add new avatar sound file in a section

1. Click on Add Avatar Sound button.

2. Fill the form, browse audio file and hit submit. Note! Please convert your files to wav format before uploading.

3. Single sound file is added to selected section successfully.

Step 4.2: Add multiple avatar sound files in a section

1. Click on Add Multiple Avatar Sounds button.

2. Select section and browse multiple files to upload.

3. Multiple files added successfully.

Step 5: Re-arrange sounds and sections

1-1. Click up arrow in top right toolbar of each section to move one section up.

1-2. Click down arrow in top right toolbar of each section to move one section down.

1-3. Drag and Drop section.

1-4. Drag and Drop sound files in the section or to another section.

Step 6: Delete sound files

1.Mouse over the sound file in section and click on delete button.

2.Confirm to delete.

3.Avatar sound file is successfully deleted.

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