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Training Guide


Training Guide


Contents Page……..

1. Admin Panel

1.1 Dashboard/Statistics Page………..

1.2 Creating new users……

1.3 Creating new phone extensions………..

1.4 Editing Users…………..

1.5 Creating a list and importing leads …………….

1.6 Viewing and editing your campaign…………….

1.7 How to manage the DNC…………

1.8 Uploading a script…………

1.9 How to add an IP………….


2. Agent Panel

2.1 How to start calls…….

2.2 Manual Dial……..

2.3 Select Dispositions………

2.4 Setting Call Backs…………

2.5 Pause Codes……..

2.6 How to transfer a call……..










1.1 Dashboard

The Dashboard is used to view a basic summary of statistics related to your dialler usage. Examples of stats you can look at on the dashboard page are salesagent activitycampaign resourcesleads available to dial, total outbound/inbound calls placed and many more.

1.2 Creating a new user

Creating a new user couldn’t be easier, to begin you will need to log in to the Admin Panel. Once you’re in, along the left hand side you should see a drop down menu select ‘Users’ from the menu and then Users again.

Next click ‘Copy User’ which should bring you to a page like the one below once you’ve finished filling out the fields with the User, Full Name and Password, select the user you would like to copy from then click submit.

You’ll also need to bear in mind that you’ve copied the existing users phone extension, to learn how to create a phone extension for your new user skip to 1.3 Creating a phone extension.


















1.3 Creating a phone extension


Visit the Admin Panel, then along the left hand side select the following options from the drop down menu ‘Users’ then ‘Phones’.


Once you’re into Phones you have two options to create multiple extensions click ‘phone bulk’ or to create a single extension click ‘Add New


Once you’re onto this page you’ll need to type in an extension number one higher than the last one created. If you’re unsure of the ‘Pass’ and ‘Registration Secret’ you can always go back to an existing phone and copy it from there.


After you’ve filled in all the fields it should look similar to the screenshot below, simply click submit and you’ve created yourself a new extension.





1.4 Editing users


To edit a user simply visit the admin panel, then go into users and users again. Once you’re on the User Lists, you will find an orange edit button under the ‘Action’ section.

Select the ‘edit’ button for the user you would like to make changes to. Some of the changes you can make to a user are changes such as password, name, user level assign extension, assign user groups and many more.  Once you’re done making changes click submit for the changes to take effect.



1.5 Creating a new list and importing leads

Before you upload your leads you will need to create a list for your leads to go into. A list not only stores your data but it allows you to keep track and manage your data much more efficiently. Some of the advantages of having a list are that it allows you to view total leads uploaded, last call date, active/inactive and the campaign its assigned to.

To create a list go into the admin panel, select data and then lists from the drop down menu on the left hand side of your screen. Select the ‘Add New+’ button highlighted in turquoise. Once you’ve done that you will be asked to give your list an ID and Name, click submit once you’re done.

Once you’ve done that you’re ready to import your leads. Select Data, then Import Lead from the drop down menu. Select the leads you would like to upload via Choose File, then where it says List ID Override select the list you created earlier. Click submit once you’re done. You should then be re-directed to a page where you will need to map the field columns in your data accordingly so that they match the diallers. Click ‘OK TO PROCESS’.


1.6 viewing and editing your campaign

To view or edit your campaign, simply go into the admin panel and select campaigns from the drop down menu.

Once you’re on the campaign list you can choose to view details about your campaign by clicking the green show button, or to make changes, select the orange edit button under the action tab to edit your preferred campaign.


The campaign settings allow you to make changes to your dialler and adjust it in accordance to your personal preference. Some of the changes you can make in the campaign settings are dial level speed, dial method, assigning scripts, setting caller ID, selecting dial statuses and many more options.







1.7 How to manage the DNC

To view which numbers are in the DNC (Do Not Call list), go into the admin panel, select Data then ManageDNC from the drop down menu. Here you will be able to view all of the numbers which would’ve been added to the DNC list by agents or imported by administrators. To delete a number from the DNC list simply enter the number you would like to remove in the search bar and then click the red delete button once you find the number you’re looking for.

To add a number to the DNC, click add new. To import a bulk of numbers into the DNC click import DNC then add the file of numbers and click submit.





1.8 Uploading a script

To begin uploading a script, go to the admin panel, select campaign then scripts. To add a new script, click add new, give your script an ID, name then set it to active once you’re done creating your script click Submit.

Now you will need to head back to your campaign that you would like to assign your script to, simply visit the campaigns page, click the orange edit button next to the campaign you want and find the ‘script option’, select the script you created before.

The Next step is to locate the agent tab settings and tick the script box, this ensures that your agents are able to view the script when they login to the agent panel.







1.9 How to add an IP address

Why might you need to add an IP? Sometimes when you have agents working from home or a different network what often happens is when theyre trying to set up their softphone is they get an 408 error. Now in cases like this you will need to Authorise their IP address so that theyre network is accepted.

To add an IP simply visit the admin panel, select settings from the drop down menu, then click manage firewall. Next select Add New, enter your agents IP in the following fields Ip Address, comment, IP V6 then click submit.



2.1 how to start and stop calls

To start calls you will need to login to the agent panel which is located on the home page of your dialler. Once you’ve logged in towards the top left hand corner you should be able to see a start button highlighted in green. Click start to initiate calls, once you’ve done that your agent status should change from paused to ready. To stop calls simply click stop highlighted in red.


2.2 How to manual Dial

To make a manual call, begin by logging into the agent panel once you’re in, you should be abe to see Manual Dial highlighted in yellow. Simply click manual dial and enter the phone number without the country code or 0 then select dial now to call the number.



2.3 selecting a disposition

A disposition screen will usually appear at the end of a call after you’ve hung up. A disposition is usually used to show the nature of a call, to select a disposition you need to click hang up once you’re done speaking with the customer and a page of dispositions should pop up once you’ve selected the relevant dispo click submit.



2.4 how to set a call back

To set a call back, select the call back from the dispostion screen once you have a hung up the call. A page will then appear displaying options as to when you would like to set the call back for and will allow you to add any comments related to the call.

Once you’re done setting the call back you have the option of making this your personnel call back or making it available to any agent. To make it your call back select the ‘my call back only’ option then click submit, once you’re done should see an active call back button flashing.



2.5 Selecting pause codes

pause code screen will usually appear when you click to ‘stop calls’ on the agent panel. To select a pause code simply click stop calls and a page of pause codes will appear. Select the reason you are pausing to dial.




2.6 How to transfer a call

To complete a call transfer, you will need to be a on a live call with a customer. To do this click start calls to get into ready state once you’re connected it should say you’re INCALL. Now to start a transfer click the yellow transfer Button along the left hand side. This will then bring you a pop up page asking you how and where you would like to make the transfer to. Select one of the following out of D1,2,3,4,5 that has your desired transfer location or to transfer to a closer select Local Closer.

Once you have selected the location of transfer you then have the option to Dial with the customer, Dial with customer on hold or to blind transfer which is transferring without notifying the reciepent.

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